5 Casual & Comfortable Trendy Home Style

In a bid to be different and unique, most contemporary interior designs have to sacrifice on that valuable comfort that every home owner craves in their spaces. As a result, it ends up becoming either too formal, minimalistic or austere. So where is that much needed middle ground? How can we be casual with the design while still giving the spaces an individualism? Let’s find out below!


1. Be casual with the furniture

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Here’s a thumb rule you should always remember while designing interiors; always be casual with the furniture. So even if most of your interior design surroundings have been crafted in formal tones and materials, the furniture will always add that much needed comfortableness in the overall design of the space.



2. One color at a time

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Another thumb rule for introducing a comfortable and casual aspect in an otherwise formal interior design is by using a single, bold color. If an interior design has been crafted in neutral tones that are very soft and extremely formal, it is best to use a single bold color to introduce some personality into the space. This color can be a client favorite or even just a random selection that contrasts with the existing setting.



3. Conventional designs

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Sometimes, for small parts of the overall interior design like the bathroom, using conventional designs can be very comforting. By conventional here we mean that you can use typical color or material schemes. This way, even when the fixtures are very unique and different, the ambience would always have that aura of casual comfortableness.



4. Wooden accents are the best

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Wood is the ultimate building representative of nature. It has that comforting aura that only a close connection with nature can assume. So wooden accents in the overall interior design are one of the best ways to evoke a casual and comfortable vibe in the overall interior design. This is especially relevant for spaces like the kitchen; where wooden laminates can look especially effective.



5. Getting personal with accessories

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One of the best ways to introduce a casual and comfy vibe in your interior designs is by getting personal. You can use personal accessories to evoke a sense of comfort in the ambience. You can use plushies, soft toys and even throw pillows to introduce this particular concept in your interior designs.

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