5 Classy Ways To Design Your Home In Elegant White

White is the color of elegance and purity. But within the context of interior design, it becomes so much more than that. It defines the very ambiance, and what exactly we can expect when we’re embellishing with details like decoration and furnishings. Many people even find it hard to balance out the reflective quality of white with the rest of their décor. So today, we’ll be sharing 5 classy ways you can design your home in white.


1. Using various hues

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If you fully acquaint yourself with the color palette, you’ll notice that there are quite a few variations of white. From ivory to frost and even eggshell, you’ll notice that each hue presents a different aesthetic that is completely unique. So whenever you’re using white in your color palette, don’t hold yourself back. Try to experiment with the various hues of white so you can get a visually dynamic interior design.


 2. Use visual breaks

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Absolook Interior Design

Whenever you’re designing an interior in white, make sure that you don’t forget to provide visual breaks. This means that you should avoid using white-on-white-on-white because too much of that can make your spaces seem cold and impersonal. On the other hand, if you provide visual breaks in the form of trimming or laminate designs, your spaces can seem playful.


3. Dress it up in lighting

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Absolook Interior Design

You have to be especially careful about designing the lighting to accommodate the white look. While the natural light is a one-way street, your artificial lighting has to be warm in temperature in order to fully emulate the right look. If you use cool lighting, then once again, your interior designs are going to look very stark and not personal at all.


 4. Relegate to background

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Another clever way to use white color to your home is by using it as a backdrop for other colors. For example, you can paint your entire space in white, but you can use decoration and furnishings in various other colors or hues to get the right ambiance. This allows you to set aside the starkness of white and introduce a lot of personality in your spaces at the same time.


 5. In relation to contrast

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Absolook Interior Design

Another important point to remember while using white is to use it with adequate contrast. This means that if too much white is not your thing, then you can definitely pair it up with another high contrast color to get the desired effect.

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