5 common interior design mistakes and their remedies

Whether you’ve got a keen eye for interior design, or are simply an amateur floundering for the best results, there are a few common mistakes that are simply unavoidable. So today, we’re here to explain these interior design mistakes and how you can fix them. Let’s take a look:


1. Paint and furniture

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One of the most common interior design mistakes that homeowners commit is by applying their color scheme without first selecting their furniture. The truth is, both of these things are interlinked and need to selected to complement each other. If you’ve already painted your spaces, then the best way to remedy the situation is by searching the market for furniture that contrasts the existing palette and embellishing with nice accent lighting.


2. Overestimating bathroom size

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The bathroom is one of the most complicated spaces to furnish, especially when there is a whole market of unique and interesting fixtures to choose from. Many homeowners get excited and end up buying things that undermine the size and scale of their existing bathroom space. The only way to fix that is by appraising the dimensions beforehand, and buying things that complement the space.


3. Cluttering small spaces

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Another common interior design mistake is when homeowners over-furnish a space by using too many accessories. Too many things in a cramped space can lead to a narrow and constrained layout. The best way to remedy that is by dressing the surroundings in light hues and using reflective surfaces like feature length mirrors to create the illusion of more space.


4. Insufficient storage spaces

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Never underestimate your ability to hoard stuff – after all, nostalgia is humanity’s best friend. So whether it is your bedroom, your living room, or even your kitchens, always carefully appraise the amount of storage you’ll need to keep check of your belongings. If you’ve somehow ended up with the short end of the stick, look for creative solutions such as DIY open shelving, pretty baskets, ladder hangers, bookcases, and the like.


5. Matching materials and textiles

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Material selection and textiles go hand-in-hand in any interior design. If they don’t complement each other, you’ll end up with a mismatched look that totally undermines the quality of your interior designs. So even if it’s just the bed covers, be very careful about matching/contrasting/complementing them with your interior designs!


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