5 common kitchen design mistakes and how to avoid them

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any home. Therefore, its design requires a lot of thought and care. It’s the place where food is cooked, but it’s also the place where you can spend a lot of time with your family while doing dishes, eating food, or simply preparing some snacks. Thus, it is imperative that you avoid making any mistakes while designing its interior. In light of that, today we’ll be sharing 5 common design mistakes and how to avoid them:


1. Ignoring your cabinet needs

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Storage is one of the most important parts of any kitchen interior design. The amount of cabinets in the space is determined by your appraisal of storage needs. However, many homeowners tend to overlook this need in lieu of plain walls. That is completely infeasible and not recommended at all. If you want to empty up the cabinets, you can simply go for open shelves and wire baskets to accommodate your storage needs.


2. Fully open kitchen

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An open kitchen layout only works best when you don’t regularly use your kitchens. However, if you love cooking, then the openness may become a hindrance as it allows the smoke and odors to penetrate the rest of the home even with proper ventilation. To get the best of both worlds, try going for the partially open kitchen, where only the entrance part is visible from the rest of your home while the functional part remains hidden.


3. Compromising counter space

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The counter space in your kitchens not only accommodates the sink and the hob, but also various miscellaneous activities like food preparation, cutting, etc. Therefore, underestimating your need for counter space can be a jarring after effect. So, during your kitchen remodel, always pay special attention to how much extra counter area you’ll need to make it as functional as possible.


4. Good ventilation

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Your cooktop is definitely going to need good ventilation whenever you’re cooking something, so always be careful about the size of your hood. Don’t make it overly large or small. It’s also prudent to be accommodating about the clearance space the ventilation system is going to need. You can take it out of your designated cabinet area.


5. Natural lighting

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The importance of introducing natural lighting in your kitchens cannot be stressed enough. It helps destroy all unhygienic elements and bacteria – especially from the wet spaces like sinks. It also helps with daylight visibility while saving on your electricity bills at the same time.


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