5 Completely Quirky Contemporary Interior Designs For Your Inspiration

Looking for something completely out of the box? Tired of the same-old ‘classic’ designs that everyone is raving over? Want to make your homes standout from the mass-produced aesthetic? Well, we understand the need for individuality – to make your homes as unique and as personalized as possible. So today, we’ll be sharing some totally unique and quirky ideas you’ll definitely fall in love with!




1. Treat your windows accordingly

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Livinz Synthesis

First off, you need to stay far away from the conventional window coverings of the contemporary era. Drapes and typical curtains are completely off the menu. You need to start looking for a unique window treatment that will lend your home a sense of individuality. The gauzy, net curtains in this living room are a beautiful accompaniment to the quirky furnishings used in the rest of the space, and they definitely set the whole room apart.




2. Furnishings matter

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Livinz Synthesis

As long as your furniture is typical, your whole interior design is going to suffer from the conventional. Therefore, you should always be extra careful and considering while choosing your furniture. The quirky couch sectional in this living room features a very distinctive design, which in turn makes the whole room look extremely unique and special.




3. Get creative with your carpentry

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Livinz Synthesis

Customized carpentry provides an excellent opportunity for home owners to imbue a sense of individuality within their designs. The in-built shelf in this image is the perfect example of this idea. The asymmetric design looks extremely quirky, and gives the whole room a sense of distinguished appeal that is definitely going to leave a mark on anyone who experiences this space.



4. One-sided affairs

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Livinz Synthesis

This bedroom interior design is definitely one of the most unique spaces you’ll ever see. The monochromatic color scheme provides a stark contrast against the lone side stool, over which a balloon shaped light fixture hangs. The whole idea is so unique and intriguing. You’ll never forget it after even a single glance.



5. Defy conventional layouts

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Livinz Synthesis

This bathroom interior design is quirky because of its unconventional layout. The shower area, WC and the vanity all lie in a very particular layout that you cannot find in conventional bathrooms. The tactile texture of the accent wall also provides a nice backdrop for the whole setting, making the space look extremely attractive.

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