5 Creative Hacks Which You Must’s Miss To Spruce Up Your Home Design

Sprucing up your interior designs is the biggest goal during any renovation. It’s the basic reason that propels the clients to look for bigger and better ideas to make their homes the most glamorous and attractive. While there are many intermittent ways to do just that, today we’ll be focusing on 5 inherent, built-in creative hacks to spruce up your home interiors.


1. Getting classy with the palate

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When it’s time to translate your color palate into materials, do not hesitate to test out all possibilities. Something that may not have looked good on paper might end up looking absolutely gorgeous in reality. It’s the perfect way to experiment with creative ideas and come up with ideal visual solutions.



2. The occasional contrast

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space

Nothing says contrast better than completely opposing colors on the spectrum that your major color scheme. There are so many clever ways you can add contrast to your interior designs these days. However, nothing beats good old fashioned trimming and statement art. While trimming can be subtle, the statement art formula always becomes the forefront of your interior design.



3. Keeping it breezy

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One thing that you must always keep in mind during the renovation process is to keep everything breezy. It’s important that you do not use too many materials or colors in your HDB interior designs – mostly because you can end up ruining the integrity of your small space. Instead, try to opt for neutral color schemes that are soft and easy on the eyes.



4. Don’t be afraid of embellishment

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A little decoration never hurt anyone – but being careful about how you accomplish that says a lot about your design. You can definitely use personal artifacts to carry out the decorative aspect of your interior design, but be careful not to go overboard. You can use simple, relevant pieces that give personality to your space along with some cherished trinkets that are precious to you.



5. You can choose to be glam

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space

While going full-out glamorous in most of your renovation can seem over-the-top, there are a few spaces in an interior design that can actually benefit from this particular aesthetic. These include the bathroom. You can definitely make it extremely a la mode by using high gloss materials, trendy fixtures and a unique layout.

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