5 Creative & Unique Home Interior Inspirations That You Musn’t Miss

Every homeowner dreams of having the most beautiful and unique interior design. However, having billions of followers on a globalized design page and similar hits on the same pins can make this venture pretty hard. In an age of globalized design, how can you have a home that completely unique to you? Well, we’re here to help you out! Here are 5 home interior design inspirations to help you in your quest!


1. The kotatsu aesthetic

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt N Relax Interior

While having an authentic Japanese kotatsu table in your homes may not be the most feasible thing, but you can definitely emulate this classic aesthetic in the form of a low-height table and accompanying chairs. You can swap the conventional dining table for something like this. It’s sure to make your home stand out, leave a more nuanced impression, and keep the aesthetic of your home clutter-free at the same time.



2. A traveler at heart

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Rezt N Relax Interior

If you’re a traveler at heart, then check out this incredible home interior design idea. You can dress an entire feature wall in a customized wallpaper that features a map of the entire world. Its vintage aesthetic is sure to beautify your surroundings, and it can also act as a personal touch that is very close to your heart.



3. Compact bedrooms

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space

While compact bedroom interior designs are nothing new in the Singapore design industry, you can certainly have one that is completely unique. While most designers use platform beds and accompanying study desks to accomplish this aesthetic, you can go for a side-table come dresser and a wardrobe come shelving unit. You can alter the tiny details like materials and color finishes, accessorizing and more, to give this style a more personal touch.



4. Vintage blues

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Very few people embrace the originality of the vintage style these days. However, it is still pretty trendy if you know how to design it properly. You can curate specialized furniture a la mid-century modern aesthetic, and emulate retro style finishes to keep this aesthetic fresh.



5. Out of the box layouts

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

If your home allows for it, you can even go for unique furniture layouts. While the rest of the design and finishes may be conventional, having a personalized set-up can instantly convert your homes into something better and more impressionable than otherwise.

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