5 Darling Design Tips For Leaving Your Homes

Getting your homes ready for a resale is one of the most harrowing tasks you’ll ever face. However, if you want to get value for your money, then you’ll need to try your hand at home staging. Staging basically refers to some superficial and cost-effective design interventions that you can carry out to boost the resale value of your homes. If you want to do that, then here are 5 darling design tips you can take advantage of:


1. Go for light and bright

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A light, bright and cheerful ambiance always attracts potential buyers and the best way you can do so is by changing your window coverings. Go for sheer curtains to filter in the sunlight. Have roller or roman or venetian blinds installed so that the property will look more modern. Small details like these can have a huge impact on the overall ambiance.


2. Presentation always matters

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The presentation of your home is a dominant factor in how the buyers end up perceiving the space. The best way you can make an impression this way is to tweak the layout of your house. Rearrange the couches to add more panache. Feature a set of inexpensive nesting tables to add more impact. Set out a bunch of accessories to make the space feel impersonal but welcoming.


3. Keep things as clean as possible

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The thing about home staging is that it requires you to get rid of all those signs and memories that have made this home your home for the past whatever many years. You’re getting ready to sell it off, so don’t make the buyers feel like they’re intruding into your space. Keep things as simple and clean as possible – both design-wise and presentation-wise as well.


4. Beige is your best friend

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Do you know what’s the best way to make your homes as impersonal as possible during the staging process? Emulating lots of beige. There is a classy neutral quality to this particular color that makes the spaces feel like they’ve come straight out of a home décor catalogue. So paint your walls in a smooth concoction of this hue, go for rugs in this color, and accent it all with contrasting accessories.


5. Things you need vs. what they want

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Lastly, you have to make sure that whatever you’re showing to potential buyers is what they want, regardless of if it is needed in a space or not.  So, if you think that huge statement painting over the mantle is totally redundant, go for it anyway because it’s what is going to attract your buyers. Use those short-life gold plated candelabras so that they are attracted by the gilt.


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