5 decoration pieces that are classic for a reason

Just like some major interior design styles, there are actually some accessories and decoration pieces that have carved themselves a niche within the home décor genre. They all vary in design, but they have such pizzazz and attraction, they never truly go out of style. Are you curious now? Then let’s take a look at 5 such decoration pieces that have become absolutely iconic:


1. Moroccan chandeliers

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Moroccan chandeliers have a very big presence. They are extremely attractive and come in distinctive designs. The most notable quality of these lamps is the colorful specks of blown glass used to cover the bulbs. They’re usually hung in a cluster of many single pieces all arranged in a bigger form. They have the ability to emulate a traditional look in any kind of interior design!


2. Vintage hardware

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Vintage cabinet hardware is a subtle but impressive way to emulate a retro edge in your traditional interior design. Such hardware is available in so many different styles and finishes – copper, auburn, brushed nickel, etc. It can make a traditional setting look positively enchanting; especially when it is paired up with wood.


3. Table lamps

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Table lamps are beautiful and functional at the same time. They are available in so many unique designs. You can choose the ones that adequately complements your interior design theme. For example, if you’re working with a classical setting, you can go for lantern style table lamps. However, if you’re working on a contemporary ambiance, then you can choose a modern design!


4. Lantern pendant lamps

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Pendent lights – whether used singularly, or in clusters – have the ability to instantly add a decorative edge to the whole interior design. However, the ones shaped in the form of beautiful lanterns have an especially unique presence. They can be used in many different spaces. They can be hung over a dining nook, your nightstands, on your study table, etc.


5. Beautiful vases

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Vases of all kind are instantly iconic, no matter what type of an interior design you’re decorating. However, statement vases with large physiques and beautiful finishes are in a category of their own. You can set them up in the center of your dining table, on your media walls, and anywhere else that needs a little sprucing.


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