5 Design Elements That You Can Use In A Minimal Home Interior

While minimalism is reaching the peak of its lifestyle value, there are still quite some challenges that homeowners face while embracing this aesthetic. The first and foremost of this is that there is very little décor to work with, so many people cannot figure out how to make a statement. The truth is: minimalism is all about ridding your life of all clutter so it’s hard to find the right design elements that can act as décor. In light of that we’ve compiled a list of 5 design elements that you can use in minimal home interiors:


1. Window portals

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A window may seem like just a hole in the wall to some, but to a creative mind it has the potential to become an eye-catching design element. From utilizing the best window treatments – curtains, blackout shades, honeycomb shades, and more – to experimenting with different grill styles, there is a lot that you can do with your windows that can end up being a design element in minimalist interior designs.


2. Statement light fixtures

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Since there is little to none chance of adding wall décor in minimalist interior designs, you can go for lighting fixtures that make a bold statement. However, bear in mind that they do not have to be stylistic. In fact, pick them to be as simple as possible so that they can fit in with the rest of the ambiance. You can even experiment with different finishes on these fixtures to get maximum impact.


3. Simple media walls

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Media walls tend to be bold and often overdesigned. This is why many homeowners think twice about emulating them as a design element in minimalist interior designs. But as long as you make the design simple, you can still have them in plain spaces. Media walls with large laminated surfaces, small shelving space, and natural materials look best in minimal interiors.


4. Textures as design

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The easiest and most effortless design element that you can introduce in your minimalist home interiors is a great texture palette. The colors used in such spaces are very understated, and have a faded presence. This is why textures tend to stand out more. So if anything looks too plain, try to imagine it with certain textures. If it works, then go for it!


5. Temporary things

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Temporary surfaces like bed covers, cushions, and sheets can be used to make a bold statement in minimalist interior designs. While they aren’t exactly a typical ‘design element’ they are an inherent part of the space. What’s better is they can be changed at will to something sophisticated and neutral.

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