5 Design Ideas Everyone Wishes They’d Known Before The Renovation

Every experienced renovator has a few things that they wish someone had told them before. So, before you start on your own venture, here are 5 ideas everyone wishes they’d known before. Take a look:


1. It’s okay to be a little bold

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Whether it’s a certain design accessory that everyone keeps telling you to avoid, an elaborate media wall, or a certain fabric for your drapes that contrasts nicely with your color scheme, it’s totally okay to be a little bold with them. Most bold accoutrements can be handled nicely by making the surrounding ambiance more restrained. If done correctly, your bold item can become a great accessory to the overall design.


2. Understand form and function

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Colourbox Interior

Some believe in ‘form follows function’ while others state otherwise. But the truth is that a good interior design is the perfect combination of both. It’s impossible to create an interesting space that is totally functional and vice versa. You need to harmonize both aspects to get the best spaces. Sculptural furniture, mirror feature walls, etc. are all a great example of this technique.


3. Buy what you love – no questions asked

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Many homeowners tend to succumb under the peer pressure of their designers and end up selecting a lot of stuff that’s not really their preference. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay not to do that. In fact, you can totally purchase things that you like as long as they match the context and theme of your space. The real setting bar is this: will you remain in love with this stuff for as long as possible?


4. Respecting your theme

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Many homeowners tend to not completely follow their own themes in every room of the house. This ends up causing a huge visual dissonance throughout the spaces because entering one room and finding a totally different concept can give the user whiplash. So, if you’ve decided on a neo-classical theme then it’s better to just stick with it instead of experimenting with a totally different aesthetic in a separate room.


5. Value the odd in odd numbers

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D INNOVATIONS

If you’ve ever read up on the ‘rule of three’ you’ll know that accessorizing and décor looks best in odd numbered details. So whenever you’re choosing ornaments or trinkets for display, think of what they’ll look good with and display in odd numbers.


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