5 Design Tips For Applying Contemporary-Classic Style

Have you ever dreamed to have a home just like a modern castle? Elegant, classic and impressive design to wow yourself as well as your guests. If you still embrace this little dream, read this post thus you can have some ideas to decorate and renovate your home!

The contemporary-classic style is a mixture of modern sensibilities combined with a classical aesthetic. The modern part of this style brings in a sleek, sophisticated underplayed, on which classical elements stand out a lot. A good part of this style is an accomplishment of good material choices.

Besides, it’s a matter of selecting the right classical elements to use in your homes. You cannot very well have an entire Greek pediment in your living room, now can you? So without further ado, let’s look at 5 things you need to know about using the contemporary-classic style.


1. Creating a balance

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You need to have just the right balance of modern and classical elements in order to truly give off a nice look in your homes. So if half of your furniture is modern, the other half has to be classical to balance out the look. This especially applies to the wall design; you cannot go overboard by designing it with lots of heavy ornamentation. A simple wall beading will be enough to give it the right aura.


2.Vintage touches

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While the contemporary-classic style is certainly not a blast from the past, it does tend to have some vintage elements. They do not have to very loud and stand out in your overall interior design. They can be as subtle as a retro vanity mirror or even a stylish coat hanger. This gives the contemporary-classic style some great aesthetic versatility and looks absolutely trendy.



3. Damask

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For small spaces like bed rooms, it can be especially challenging to translate the contemporary-classic style successfully. You cannot apply heavy decorative elements or the space can look unbalanced. So Damask wallpapers are a great way to bring in the right aesthetic for such spaces. They’re vintage-classical in design, and coupled with the modern furniture in the space, they can look absolutely stunning.and coupled iwth  right aesthetic for such spaces. they'ary-classic style successfully. you en a



4. Finding the right decor

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Decoration is another big part of this contemporary-classic aesthetic. The right décor is a mixture of modern art, which is highlighted by ornate, classical frames hung over the feature walls. You can even make the wall beading a part of this decoration scheme. It has the ability to look great when coupled with the overall aesthetics of the space.



5. Timeless

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Timelessness of an interior design is vital. It does mean that the home design is always classic and never out of style from time to time. So you can definitely use some contemporary design elements like vertically-elevated beds and compact planning yet still achieve the beauty of the contemporary-classic style very well.

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