5 Designer Secrets That’ll Make Your Kitchens An Instant Hit

Kitchen design is a multidisciplinary venture that you have to be very careful about. It requires a lot of thought but most homeowners these days are savvy enough to understand some of the most basic details. However, if you’re searching for some unique hack to incorporate in your new kitchens, here are 5 designer secrets that will help you out in the long run:


1. Equal cabinet length and depth

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Keep the consistency of your kitchen cabinets as uniform as possible. This means that you should avoid any asymmetric ventures that can render the visuals of your cabinets ungraceful as a whole. Make sure that that the length and depth is both consistent enough that the kitchen feels very flowey and rhythmic. Keeping the colour scheme regular as well can also help you a lot.


2. Flush countertops

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Flush countertops are another designer hack that contributes to the beauty of a kitchen interior. Half an inch of an overhang is so last decade. These days, homeowners prefer the compact look that can only be derived by investing in flush countertops. You can also go for unique textures and designs to accommodate your preferred kitchen design theme.

3. Custom cabinet partition

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The interior of your cabinets is quite important. It has to have enough compartments for your utensils. It also has to have proper organizational compartments of all sizes so that the user can easily store everything into their respective spaces without any difficulty at all. You can also install specific hardware inside your cabinets and drawers for easy reach.


4. Two-tiered cutlery storage

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Does your single cutlery drawer not provide enough room for all your spoons, forks, and chop sticks? Well, it’s time to make your single drawer two-tiered. You can install two stories of shelves within a single drawer to accommodate your entire cutlery section. It’s an easy and efficient way to make the most of a small space.


5. Go for pop-up outlets

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If you want to make your kitchen transparent and do not have room enough for a lot of outlets on your backsplash, then it’s time to break out the pop-up versions. They are easily available, extremely useful, and fully portable.


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