5 Designs Which Adults & Kids Fall In Love

Let's imagine the moment we are raising your children in a sleek, upscale condo with no warmth in the aesthetic. Doesn’t it sound very appealing?

Frankly, it is great that we are living in a space that fits the criteria for adult aesthetics with the warm ambiance that would appeal to a child as well. Let’s look at 5 interior designs that would definitely fit this criteria.


1. With the help of furniture

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Furniture is a key component in merging the child and adult aesthetics. No child would like to play on a plush leather couch, but no adult would like to have a tea-table as the living room center piece either. So how about you get to have both in the same space at the same time? It would need a little bit of visual coordination, but it can be done in a successful manner.



2. Glamorous but playful

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Want to know the secret to merging an aesthetic for children in an adult driven space like the kitchen? Don’t let it show. Subtle but playful interventions like a black tile backsplash are a great way to merge both of these styles in a single one. It is both playful and chic at the same time, and will appeal to both age groups equally.



3. Playful accoutrements

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You have to incorporate some fun elements that appeal to both the adult and child psychology. Laser cut screens are a great way to do just that. Its subtle, interesting and clever way to evoke a playful vibe in your homes. They’re going to be attractive to children, but are going to look absolutely gorgeous from an adult point of view as well. So you can create half walls between spaces to get this particular style in your homes.



4. Twin beds and color psychology

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Twin beds are a great way to create a mixture of child-like and adult0like aesthetics in the same place. You can choose simple designs for the beds to make them seem elegant and sophisticated, but you can choose colors to evoke child-like wonder. Blue and red are a particularly favorite color for children, but you can always change the bedcovers to get something more understated.



5. Large, open spaces

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Tab Gallery

Children love open spaces because they can have a great playground inside their room. So you can use these open spaces to create an indoor playground for children, and create a minimalistic and open vibe in your interior designs at the same time!

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