5 different takes on the ‘Tray Ceiling’ which most of the homeowners want to know!

Do have have any ideas about tray ceiling? Let's get a look!


  • Tray ceilings are the most conventional styles of false ceiling designs. They are easy to make and are beloved enough to be a constant classic in all sorts of interior styles and designs.


  • Tray ceilings feature inverted ‘tray’ like design with the sides dropped a foot or so downward and the center depressed. They are the most common sort of false ceiling design.


  • Tray ceilings could also be customized to suit any style and make of interior. They are evergreen and ever-accommodating.


We are now going to show you 5 different takes on the Tray ceiling and how it could be done up! Welcome to take some notes!


1) The contemporary cove-light style


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: HomeVista Pte Ltd


This kind of ceiling is most common in newly designed homes based on the modern or contemporary design concept. While conventional tray ceilings do not make use of the actual ceiling drop along the periphery of the ceiling, this particular style decorates them with cove-lights. This enhances the overall style and aura of the interior without seeming too straightforward and simple.



2) The neo-classical cornice style


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt& Relax Interior


The tray ceiling featured in the image below is a mish-mash of the classical and contemporary styles, which makes it all the more compelling. The dark color scheme is complemented by the cornice that runs along the periphery of the drop. The designers have topped off the design by using an elaborate chandelier as the ceiling centerpiece. The overall design is trendy and unconventional.



3) Simple but classic


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Voila


This kind of a tray ceiling is a simple take on the classic design. The designers have used a straightforward tray ceiling design and articulated its aesthetics in a rather sleek manner. The periphery of the tray has been studded with boxed LED lights that make for a nice design element of their own. The overall effect is quite pleasing and elegant.



 4) Entablature tray ceiling


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Icon Interior Design

This particular kind of tray ceiling has a large drop and the middle part is more depressed into the ceiling than usual. The periphery is run by a large entablature like cornice that gives the overall setting a classical look and feel. This kind of tray ceiling is more elaborate in style and should only be used in large, open homes that can handle such a sumptuous aesthetic.



5) The one-sided tray ceiling


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab


This kind of a tray ceiling is atypical and has an especially stylistic impact on the overall interior. The one-sided tray ceiling has only one drop that is studded with cove-lights. You can embellish this kind of tray ceiling with various arrangement of lighting and even place more than one ceiling fans.

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