5 dining area design ideas if you’re a Singaporean short on space

Everyone knows that the urban density of Singapore has resulted in an extreme shortage of real estate. Homes are smaller than ever before, and managing the internal layout has become quite challenge. While open floor plans have solved the greater part of the problem, there are still a few kinks. These include the management of dining areas. The small spaces make it hard to accommodate full fledged dining rooms, so nooks and alcoves are the best options. Here are 5 innovative dining area design ideas if you’re a Singaporean short on space!


1. Continuing spaces

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If your home layout comprises of an elongated space that consists of a living room extending a wide space. It can be used as the dining area. You can emulate a sense of continuity in such spaces by opting for an extended accent wall that covers both the living rooms and dining areas. The visual connection can make the dining areas look like an inherent part of the rest of the home.


2. Separate nooks

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If your home layout has been designed in a way that accommodates a small alcove tucked to the side, then it can be the perfect area to locate your dining nook. You can control the ambiance of this space by selecting unique furniture, accessories, and décor. You can even raise its floor level a few inches above from the rest of the home to retain its individuality.


3. Being minimal

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The thing about going minimal is that you need to avoid all frou-frou accoutrements. This especially applies to a dining nook, which comes with its own hullabaloo of furnishings, accessories, and serve-ware additions. If you’ve got a limited amount of space that you’re designing in a minimal way, the opting for a plain bench style table can be your best bet!


4. Dining come kitchens

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If you’re really sort on space and cannot even find space to accommodate a nook/alcove of any sort, then its best to add an extended dining area to your kitchens. You can do so by designing your kitchens in an open-ended format and adding a breakfast bar at the end. The design of this breakfast bar can either be typical, or customized to feature a mini-dining table that extends from the end of the countertop.


5. Utilizing circulation

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Jialux Interior

If your home has large circulation spaces but no specific dining areas, then you can use one of the larger circulation spaces as dining nooks. You can individualize them by hanging statement pendent lights on top of the dining table or picking a statement-worthy dining set to make it stand-out within the open space.


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