5 Do’s And Don’ts Of A Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom that is not visually appealing is not functionally appealing as well. These days, there are so many different ways that you can make the most of your bathroom interiors. Not only are there a number of different materials to choose from, but these days you can also select a number of unique ideas that can set your bathrooms apart from others. Here are 5 do’s and don’ts that you must follow while carrying out your bathroom renovation:


1. Do: follow neutrals in statement pieces

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There are a number of colour schemes that you can select for your bathroom interiors designs, but nothing can quite beat the understated luxury that comes from emulating the neutral palette. Even if when you are carrying out most of the ambiance in a different scheme, using neutral shades in just the statement objects – like the vanity, countertops, and shower stall backsplash – can make a lot of difference.


2. Do: splurge on the shower

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What’s the best part of your routine after you come home after a long day of work? For most people it’s taking a nice long shower to relax their muscles. This is why if there is one thing that you can splurge on in your bathroom renovation, it’s the shower. A nice, warm jet of water after a tiring day can make a world of difference in the grand scheme of things.


3. Don’t: compromise on the storage

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There is one thing that every homeowner often overlooks in their bathroom renovation, and it’s an adequate amount of storage. There are tons of personal hygiene products that people use these days, and having an adequate amount of space to keep them all is an essential. You can go for either in-built accessories or just hanging add-ons after the renovation has been complete. You can also go for customized carpentry in case of vanity storage.


4. Don’t: accessorize beyond reason

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At the end of the day, the bathroom at its core is a vey functional space. If you splurge a lot on its accessorizing, it’s going to end up looking too over the top. Too much frou-frou ornamentation can also hinder functional elements like plumbing and sanitation points, so it’s best to be as minimal as possible.


5. Do: keep the floor tiles dark

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Bathrooms require regular maintenance in order to be in tip-top shape. If you cannot regularly wash them, they’re going to look dirty. This happens a lot when the floor tiles are in a lighter hue. So, try to choose a colour scheme for the floor that is o the darker side in order to avoid a dirty ambiance.


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