5 easy-peasy home décor ideas for beginners

Are you new at home decorating? Fretting about what techniques to use to make your homes brighter? Well, decorating is an art form, and it requires a lot of check and balance. Only a lot of experience and a good eye for detail can be your guide to good home decorating. So today, we’ve compiled a list of 5 easy-peasy ideas for beginners that’ll make your homes look a million bucks. Let’s take a look!


1. Fancy lights

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There’s very little that a fancy bit of lighting cannot accomplish. So your first home decorating task is to curate some excellent light fixtures and install them in strategic places throughout your homes. Wall lights are great for creating a moody ambiance with lots of accents, but pendent lights and modern chandeliers work best in spaces where you need a to be a little bit bolder.


2. Table décor

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While curating the perfect pieces for furniture is an important part of the whole interior design, ensuring that they do not come off as bare is another important aspect. Therefore, table décor is a crucial part in sprucing up the overall ambiance. You can use wine glasses, candles, flower arrangements, bowls of potpourri and a whole other stuff to create as simple or as elaborate a table arrangement as you like.


3. Hidden cove lights always work

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Hidden cove lights in ceilings are always a nice idea to add glamour to your interiors in a subtle, sophisticated way. Similarly, using recessed lighting furniture is an excellent way to enhance your home décor. Backlit in-built shelves, media walls and even kitchen islands are the perfect way to decorate your home interiors with style.


4. Plush furniture in large spaces

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If you’ve got large, unoccupied spaces in your homes that you absolutely do not know what to do with, then here’s an idea: why not furnish them with plush accent chairs? This way, you’ll have an extra bit of space to cozy up on, while the overall layout of your home won’t look as empty. You can even embellish it further with a floor lamp, area rug or a cluster of cushions.


5. Utilize the small alcoves

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We’re sure that everybody has at least one little nook in their homes that they just do not know what to do with. Well, our answer is: make the most of it! You can decorate it with accent furniture, small tables, ottomans and the like to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing!


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