5 essentials every contemporary home is incomplete without

Contemporary homes are designed not only to highlight the latest trends, but also the latest needs. It’s not just simply about the aesthetics anymore. Our lifestyles have evolved to the point that we need certain things to be a part of our home indefinitely in order to feel comfortable and complete. So, here’s a list of 5 essentials that every contemporary home is incomplete without.


1. Accessible wardrobe

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Nowadays, people own so many things that it can be hard to keep track of all your belongings if you go for a typical wardrobe. This is why an anthropometrically accurate and customized wardrobe has become a total essential in modern home interior designs. With personalized storage, you can easily organize all your belongings – have a special handbag shelf, a separate shoe compartment, an accessory drawer, a tie-hanging nook, etc.


2. A fully comfortable bedroom

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As the lines between work and personal lives continue to blur even more, a cozy and relaxing bedroom space has become an absolute essential when it comes to designing home interiors. So even when you’re short on space, forego all the frou-frou décor in favor of comfortable bed, relaxing lighting, and surroundings that will enhance your sleep hygiene.


3. A versatile kitchen

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It’s impossible to live these days without having a properly working kitchen. There has been such amazing innovation in this genre. We now have electric cooktops, special hobs, specialized hardware, in-built appliances, artisanal ovens, etc. and all of these have completely revolutionized contemporary kitchen interior designing. Even if you cannot afford all these things, having at least one or two is still more than enough.


4. Cleverly compartmentalized spaces

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As we all know, Singapore is all about making the most of available real-estate, which is why clever compartmentalization has become a popular trend in the interior design landscape. Both homeowners and designers are coming up with genuinely innovative ways to keep make the most of small spaces, showcasing their inventive genius.


5. Functional décor

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Once again, work life and social network have ensured that we have very little time for peripheral activities. So, for those who loath to regularly clean their home, functional accessorizing is an absolute home décor essential. From showcasing kitchen appliances and utensils to going for pragmatic feature items, this particular trend is perfect for sociable homebodies.


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