5 Essentials For A Top-Notch Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of those interior design entities that require a specialized focus on each and every aspect of their design. From the cabinet structure and the appliances to the separation of wet and dry areas, there is always something that needs special consideration. So further, we’ll be taking a look at 5 essentials for a top-notch kitchen interior design!


1. A focus on aesthetics

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Since the kitchen is mostly a functional space, people tend to prefer efficiency over aesthetics. It’s all well and good, but you must always give aesthetics equal preference because who likes to work in a space that is visually unattractive. Therefore, always pay special attention to the visuals of your kitchen design in order to get a wholesome space.


2. The dry-wet kitchen conundrum

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A separate dry and wet kitchen can only be designed in a home that has an excess of space. The dry kitchen is to showcase the appliances and crockery collections. It’s basically a front for the wet kitchen where the actual cooking takes place. The dry kitchen can be small, but the wet kitchen has to be large in order to accommodate the various cooking activities. And most importantly, both of the kitchens should be properly interconnected.



3. The finishes

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The finishes in any kitchen design are especially important. They have to be resilient and durable in order to keep up with the process of cooking. The backsplash, the countertops and even the cabinet laminates have to be selected for both ergonomics and visuals in order to get the best kitchen design.



4. The wet area

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You should always make sure that the wet area in any kitchen is partially separated because they is always going to be a mess here. Washing dishes and cooking ingredients ensues a constant splash of water around the area. Furthermore, it is also important to have a source of natural light in the kitchen wet area in order to stop bacteria growth.



5. Island/bar

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The kitchen island or bar has become quite an essential; especially with the rising popularity and acceptance of the open floor plan. While kitchen islands are usually reserved for large homes, the bar can be adjusted easily along the periphery of an open kitchen design in any regular old HDB apartment.

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