5 Expert Lighting Tips Or Singaporean Homes

No matter how beautiful your interior designs actually are and no matter how much you invest in them, they would never look truly complete unless you’ve embellished them with proper lighting. If you’re looking for some expert tips to get you started, then here are 5 great ones that’ll make your home feel straight out of a magazine:


1. Warming up with incandescence

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While direct lighting options are always a great and essential addition, you must also invest in some warm incandescent backlighting to add a sense of understated luxury to your homes. This type of lighting adds a relaxing vibe to your home interiors while making it seem very glamorous at the same time. It can be introduced in the form of recessed strip lights within in-built shelving.


2. The importance of task lighting

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Task lighting is a focused form of a beam that is required in functional spaces like the kitchen, home offices, and the studies. It helps enhance the ambient lighting in areas where you need more incandescence. It has a functional as well as decorative value and helps you concentrate better on the task at hand. It can be introduced with a focused object like a table lamp, or under-cabinet lights if you want to be subtler.


3. Aiming for a tall look

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Accent light fixtures with a bold outlook help attract the attention of the room user upwards. This helps make the eye-level part of the space more open. They also provide a great decorative focal point and can be chosen in any format that you like – be it pendent lights, chandeliers, or even a statement fixture. It depends on the size and function of your room.


4. Overhead lighting for transitional spaces

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Singaporean homes are small by design, which is why there are a lot of transitional spaces in them. From the foyer to large circulation areas and even connecting dining areas, the lighting for these spaces needs to be selected in a vert careful manner. Overhead light fixtures with a semi-bold personality and a great ambient focus are a great option for such areas.


5. Accent or decorative lighting

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Often, we need an extra dose of sprucing up to make a boring piece of in-built furniture look attractive. This is where accent light comes in handy. You can use it in either an in-built form or simple light fixtures hung over certain areas to get the best results.


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