5 Facts To Remember While Setting Up Dining Tables

Everyone knows the importance of a dining area in a home. It’s an essential part of any abode. However, Singaporean homes have seen distinct shortness of real estate over the years, which is why dining spaces have usually become an afterthought in the overall scheme of a home interior. So, keeping that in mind, here are 5 facts to remember while setting up dining tables:


1. Make it open, but impactful 

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Whether you’re furnishing with a dining table for four or six or even eight, just make sure that the space around it is open.  Sufficient circulation is usually easy to accomplish in an open floor plan. However, you simply have to take measures to ensure that the table is proportioned perfectly according to the size of the space.


2. Respecting the scale

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It’s extremely important to respect the scale of your home interior designs while choosing a dining table. If the space is too small or too large for your selected set, you’ll end up with an unbalanced visual dynamic. So while you’re selecting the furniture, keep the measurements of your area in mind so that you don’t end up picking something too un-proportioned.


3. Serve-ware and dining necessities

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The dining space does not simply consists of the table – although that is the most important part. It also consists of a small storage element where the serve-ware, crockery, and the cutlery are kept. You might think that these things can be kept in the kitchen as well, but keeping the guest serve-ware handy is a priority in the dining space. This element is usually a concealed in-built shelf or even a sideboard buffet if the space allows it.


4. The dining table light

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All the ambient lighting around your house is designed to highlight the interior designing. But the lighting just above your dining table is a whole other story. It has to be the right amount of bright and stimulating so that it doesn’t curb the appetite of the user. Try to avoid cool lighting and stick to a warmer ambience, so that everyone at the table can enjoy their food.


5. Dining decor

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Many homeowners prefer the décor in their dining rooms to be purely aesthetic. However, you can even make it functional. Aside from place settings, you can go for a small planter of herbs, some beautiful olive oil and sauce bottles, and such things.


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