5 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Homes Industrial Chic

We bet that you’ve heard of the industrial style of interior design, right? It’s one of the most beloved aesthetics of many Singaporeans. While it was globally popularized in the 2000, even today it still remains one of the top picks of many homeowners who want to emulate a raw, gritty, sensual appeal in their spaces. So further, we’ll be sharing 5 foolproof ways to make your homes the height of industrial chic!



1. Textures, textures and textures

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The biggest part of any industrial style design is the textures. They make up a bulk of its visuals and if you decide to overlook this small detail, you can be sure that you’ll never get the same results. So whether it’s reclaimed wood, concrete textured floors or jute textured area rugs, you have to pay special attention to how these textures are being incorporated in the design.




2. Retro furnishing

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The type of furniture you use in your industrial style interiors matters a lot. Going for contemporary options is not the worst thing you can do, but the true beauty of this style can be best captured by using retro and vintage style furnishings. From slated table legs to plush, comfortable leather couches, this type of furniture can be the cherry on top of your industrial style aesthetic.




3. A touch of green

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While plants and fresh greens weren’t an original part of the industrial style, they have since become one of the most important components. The refreshing look of green indoor planters perfectly complements the dull-hued surroundings by providing a much-needed pop of bright color. You can place them strategically in the most prominent corners of your home for maximum impact.




4. Those wooden accents

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The industrial style by nature features a dull, simple color scheme that consists mostly of greys. So to spice it up with some natural contrast, you can introduce various wooden accents throughout the space. These can be dull or bright, depending on what you, yourself like. You can introduce them through either your furniture or some stylish wooden accessories.





5. Multi-colored accessories

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Aside from wooden accents, you can embellish your industrial chic interior designs with the help of some brightly colored accessories. These can be mismatched couch pillows, a throw artfully arranged over the sofa, or some other trinkets or baubles. They’ll provide great contrast within your space.

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