5 Fresh Ideas To Apply Scandinavian Style To Your Home

The Scandinavian style has become a world-renowned phenomenon – everyone who is anyone has found this style to be exquisite and charming in its simplicity. It offers a unique take on the timeworn rustic style and delivers the whole aesthetic with a quirky charm that is beloved by professionals and clients alike. So today, we’ll be sharing 5 fresh ideas to emulate the Scandinavian style in your interior designs.


click over here 1. Wooden backdrop

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The color and material palate of the Scandinavian style are extremely straightforward. Wood and whites are the go-to schemes when you’re trying to emulate this style in your interior designs. However, here is a pro-tip from the professionals; it’s best to use wood as the backdrop and whites as the foreground color for this particular palate.



http://blossomjar.com/pacinity/137 2. Gold lighting for the cozy vibe

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Dim gold lighting accents are the best way to emulate a cozy vibe in your Scandinavian style interior designs – especially when they fall on the wooden parts of the décor. This creates a comfortable look in the space, which can be further enhanced by different kinds of warm tones and accents spread strategically throughout the interior design.



3. Highly textured finishes

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The Scandinavian style features a well-worn and well-loved aesthetic that can be challenging to achieve through modern finishes. In such cases, it is best to go with highly textured materials that can imbue a time-worn charm into the space. Exposed brick and textured matt porcelain tiles are a good choice for such materials.



4. Accessorizing accordingly

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Accessories can bring in a lot of panache into any specific style of interior design. To enhance the Scandinavian vibe of your homes, you can use decorative baubles and area rugs that showcase relevant patterns. All of these can give your interior designs a huge visual uplift with very little effort.



5. Warm tones

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Imbuing a sense of comfort in any interior design setting is one of the foremost priorities of the Scandinavian style. Therefore, you’ll see a lot of warm tones and accents within the whole set-up as you go along with this concept. From distressed wood to live edge furniture and even textured laminates, as long as there is a splash of warmth in the mix, it can only better your overall aesthetic.

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