5 Fresh Ideas To Make Your Home Look Amazingly Industrial

Raw, uninhibited and machinelike, the industrial style is inspired by factories and warehouses. It’s a style that is characterized by an edgy, organic appeal of the machine age. There is no room for preppy, colorful and dainty in this style – its brutalist, chic and wholly sophisticated in visuals. So if you want to look at some fresh ideas to make your interior designs the height of industrial chic, then this is the perfect place for you!



1. Avant-garde ceiling design

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Typical false ceiling designs with their artistic coves and chandeliers do not work in the industrial style. In order to bring in an authentic machine age aesthetic, you must think of a ceiling design that is truly out of the box. The hooked ceiling in this image is a great gateway idea for those looking for something unique and relevant at the same time. You can embellish it with track lights and the occasional suspended pendent light featuring a glowing Edison bulb.



2. Cemented floor texture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Do you think factories and warehouses have floor designs that feature glossy tiles and customized floor patterns? The answer is a big no. The floor is usually gritty and featured a cemented finish. You can use the same texture in your industrial style. Instead of glossed and customized tiles, go for a cloudy grey, full-bodied porcelain tile in a matt finish.



3. Leather appeal

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Leather has an understated shabby chic vibe that fits in extremely well with the industrial style. It’s elegant and sophisticated without being too overwhelming. Furthermore, it can be used to introduce some contrast within your interior design. A centerpiece leather couch is an amazing way to create a focal point in your space.



4. Exposed wiring

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Exposed wiring may seem like a risky venture, but rest assured that you’re not exactly exposing all of your electrical works fully. Instead of concealing them within the false ceiling, you can instead run them through pipes and use that as a design element. This is a great idea to make your industrial style interior designs look as authentic as possible.



5. A touch of green

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Lastly, to make sure that your homes don’t become too warehouse like, you can have some indoor plants to add a green touch to the space. You don’t have to have a ton of leafy greens – just an occasional planted in a corner or beside the window can do the trick.

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