5 funky, inspirationally well-designed cafes for hang outs

5 funky, inspirationally well-designed cafes for hang outs

By Valerie Chan

Cafés are a good place to chill out and take pretty photos with friends and family. Second to yummy comfort food, atmosphere plays a large part in a customer’s experience.

Here are 5 of the best cafés around Singapore which emphasizes artistically purposeful architecture, tastefully appointed with iconic furniture and lighting. Plus, you get to check out selections of loaves, pastries and cakes which are placed oh-so-prettily in a long, large glass display you can't take your eyes off.

P.S. These are ideas you can steal for your room or new home layout 😀

No. 1 W39 Bistro & Bakery

Image courtesy of W39 Bistro & Bakery

Image courtesy of W39 Bistro & Bakery

Blue and yellow color schemes that include classy black and white decorating elements are beautiful, harmonious and romantic. W39 Bistro & Bakery is a mix of warm colors, a drastic comparison to the older shop houses around it. This café resembles a stage set up, centres around surrealism, except that it serves awesome food on top of ambience. The main yellow theme adds character to modern home kitchen design with retro decorations.

W39 Bistro & Bakery | +65 6397 7165 | www.w39bistro.com | 39 Jalan Mas Puteh, off West Coast Road, Singapore 128637

No.2 Riders Café

Image courtesy of Riders Café

Rider’s cafe has a nice rustic feeling with beautiful ceiling fans and the wide windows brings in a lot of natural sunlight, making the café very cheery.

A colonial style café, it maintains the olden medium pitched roof, originally used to provide drainage in rainy weather and a stairway that is directly behind the entry door leading to the main hallway on the second floor. Riders Café makes the effort to provide a blast of lush greenery for the getaway feel.

Riders Café | +65 6466 9819 | http://www.riderscafe.sg/ | 51 Fairways Drive Singapore 286965

No. 3 Three Buns

Image courtesy of Three Buns

Image courtesy of Three Buns

Most of what we have seen are very safe looking vintage, industrial cafés in Singapore, Three Buns takes a twist by focusing on fairy-like whimsical feel. If you sit long enough, it has a childhood make-believe vibe, perfect for sitting back to reflect.

The walls are artistically messy, completing their white walls with detailed hand-painted murals of wild flowers, birds and butterflies. The centre pillar displays a figure of a little boy wearing cheetah’s mask while playing with a hoop, a scene straight out from a story book. The windows are given a bright pop of red which compliments the murals. Three Buns reveals the beauty of undiscovered deep forest, in an unusual perception.

Three Buns | +65 6327 1939 | http://www.threebuns.com/singapore/ | 36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143

No. 4 The Loft

Image courtesy of The Loft

The Loft would attract those looking for a hideout for the afternoon. Situated on the second storey of Chinatown’s shop house, this place has comfy sofas overlooking the hustle and bustle of Chinatown.

Proudly presented as “Your 2nd Living Room”, the place encourages people to stay and truly sink into comfort, appreciating the ambience. Carefully united by a smooth palette of natural color, The Loft is a gorgeous intersection of casual minimalism and colonial times. The Loft quickly transforms itself into an elegant colonial house setting upon arrival. Tall ceilings, white brick columns and simple yet refined interiors invite you to just sit back and savour.

The Loft | +65 6221 2103 | http://www.theloftcafesg.com/ | 268A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058817

No. 5 Working Title

Image courtesy of Working Title

Working Title is a fine mix of nostalgia and modern art. The concept has this hip creative vibe which encourages their guests to instantaneously pick up a guitar and strum a song. The painted works and furniture are intentionally random, jazzing up the entire café, bringing live with poppy colors. The Working Title has a road trip vibe, which feels very much like you walked into an empty container and made it your personal space.

Working Title | +65 8248 2841 | http://www.workingtitle.sg/ | 48 Arab Street Singapore 199745

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