5 go-to decoration items to spruce up your interior design

Can you imagine a bookshelf without books, or a kitchen without utensils? No, right? That’s because without books, there’s no point of a bookshelf, and no kitchen is fully functional without proper utensils. Similar is the case with accessorizing and interior design – it may be only there for decoration, but without it, no space ever looks complete. So today, we’ll be sharing our top 5 go-to décor items to spruce up an interior design!


1. Vases

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Timelessly classic, vases are an amazing way for you to spice up your interior designs. Got a coffee table that looks too empty? Put a vase collection on it. Have a dining table that needs a little livening up? A nice statement vase is just the thing you need! Have a media console that seems too bereft? A nice duplet of vases is going to solve all your problems! Evergreen and ageless, this accessory can liven up any interior!


2. Functional accessorizing

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Functional accessorizing is all about making the best of all the things you regularly need and use by putting them on display. This usually works best in kitchen designing, where appliances, hardware and utensils can be displayed in a visually pleasing manner for the sake of proper accessorizing. It’s a great way to keep things handy as well!


3. Artwork and paintings

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Beautiful artwork and statement paintings are an excellent way for you to add a little color to your interior designs. Here’s a thumb rule to remember while selecting your pieces: artwork and portraits look best when displayed in odd numbers. This is why a single statement art piece and a triptych style artwork looks best when hung on a feature wall.


4. Lamps and lights

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Light fixtures are another amazing way for you to spice up your interiors! A nice statement chandelier can make a living room come alive, while a beautiful cluster of pendent lights is perfect to add that final touch to your dining nook or breakfast bar. Similarly, a nice statement table lamp can end up being the perfect accessory to spruce up your bedrooms!


5. Gallery walls

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior

Trends come and trends go, but a gallery wall is forever. You don’t have to curate a number of minuscule frames to have an impactful one at all. On the contrary, these days, you can opt for large landscapes and portraits to get a similar effect – the trick is creating a nice, eye catching composition!


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