5 Great Accent Walls For Your Living Room

Spicing up the interior design of any living room requires a good accent wall design. It can be the main feature of the room, so it requires visual diversity in design to set it apart from the rest of the interior design. A great accent wall design will deviate from the norm of the particular interior design used in a living room to give a stunning and glamorous design. It will also have great color and material contrast.

This contrast adds to the visual dissonance of the design, which engages the eye and keeps it hooked there. This play in contrast will also help you have a little more fun with the design. Its visual dynamic will be both appealing and playful. So without further ado, let’s look at some great accent wall designs you can get inspiration from.


1. Bringing in the organic

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If your interior design is a modern-rustic counterpart, then you can design an accent wall that plays on the textures, while the rest of the interior is sleek and modern. This will make the accent wall stand out amidst all the modern parts that make up that particular interior. Furthermore, you can add even more visual diversity to the wall by designing shelves and placing adequate accessories on them.


2. Feature Artwork

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Artwork is always a good way to spice up any interior design. Not only does it add a dash of colors, it can also be used to customize or personalize the space. An accent wall is the perfect place to display a lot of artwork within any space. It is also a good way to make the accent wall itself a stand-out element of that particular interior design.


3. Using rhythm

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Rhythm in interior design keeps the eye hooked. Having an accent wall that has good rhythm will definitely make the space stand-out. This kind of an accent wall can be designed by using various hues of the same material (e.g. wood) and complementing it through a design that just flows in either a horizontal or vertical direction.


4. Cabinet/console features

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An accent wall with a console or cabinet as the feature element can definitely draw the eye. It will also have the added benefit of being decorated further with artwork or accessorizing. This will enhance the beauty and style of that accent wall. You can even decorate it further through accent lighting that highlights certain pieces of décor.


5. Tile work and textures

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Absolook Interior Design

Tile work is a recently emerging trend that has redefined the accent wall design style. Meter by meter tiles in cloudy grey textures can very well create a distinct aesthetic within the interior space. It can be further decorated with cove lights or feature cabinet designs.

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