5 Home Interiors Which Feature Hidden Shelving Cleverly

Who doesn’t want some extra storage in their homes? While shelving and cabinets are all great ways to incorporate the basic storage areas in a home interior design, you can definitely invest in something extra. If you feel like you need some extra space to carefully organize all your belongings, then you can ask your designers to introduce something more elaborate in your interior designs. Further, let’s look at 5 ways you can cleverly introduce hidden shelving in your homes.


1. Redefining typical

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The narrow, stylish wardrobe in this interior design is an atypical take on the conventional cupboard. At first glance, it looks to be a similar version of a typical wardrobe deign, but a closer look tells that it features a completely different functioning. The fact that it’s the narrow part of the layout that hides the storage spaces is what makes this wardrobe design so unique and distinct.



2. The turnaround TV conundrum

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If you feel like the television is not an integral part of your living room aesthetic, then there is definitely a great way for you to hide it from view. The turnaround television technique is not exactly a new one, but it allows you to successfully hide your LCD screen from view without any hassle at all.



3. The slide down shelf cover

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To hide their precious trinkets and decoration pieces from view, many people like for their decorative shelving to be covered. However, there are times when this shelving has to be put on display. So in order to satisfy both queries, you can invest in a slide-down shelf cover, which can be either put up or down depending on the situation.



4. The sliding TV cover

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Aside from the typical turnaround television compartment solution, there is an easier way to hide your LCD media wall compartment out of sight. You can use a sliding door accoutrement to cover this compartment when the television is not in use.



5. The low-height console

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When most people have their media walls designed, they tend to forget about those last two or three feet that make up the lower half of the designs. They’re usually left empty, which is a waste of space. You can make use of this small space by having low-height consoles or cabinets installed there. It may provide you with adequate storage space.

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