5 Home-Photography Tips To Boost Your Resale Value

Soft-core renovation and home staging are extremely interrelated. Both aspects rely on one another to sell the best visual quality to potential home buyers. But there is another (often overlooked) aspect that also greatly contributes to the whole game, and that is: perfect photography angles to make your homes look smarter to the buyers. Here are 5 tips for you:


1. Don’t oversell your Instagram skills

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Here’s the thing: you may think that you’re an Instagram savant with just your phone camera, but so do millions of other people out there. Conclusion: don’t use your newest iPhone to take ‘artsy’ pictures for a home resale. The results are guaranteed going to be less than epic. Use a professional DSLR, and if you don’t have one, then hire a professional photographer.


2. Adjustable heights and tripods  

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Its totally given that a human hand holding the camera can result in blurry images no matter how steady you think you’re being. Using a tripod can make things so much easier. The exposure is relatively longer and the camera remains perfectly still. This results in the best results and better angle settings that can capture the beauty of your property in a better way.


3. Don’t stage personal items

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The one given rule in every home-staging project is to depersonalize the space as much as you can, and this also applies to photography. If you capture images that have personal paraphernalia, then the potential buyers are going to be inherently turned off. So it’s best to avoid all sorts of personal touches and declutter the space as much as you can before the shooting.


4. Capture many angles

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It’s always best to take images from as many angles as possible when you want to stage your homes through photography. Usually, there are small nooks and hidden crannies in every home that can seem like a total deal-maker to many potential buyers. You need to highlight them well for them to take notice so capturing as many angles and spaces is an imperative task. Don’t get bored with it.


5. Be careful with the lighting

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

You have to be very cognizant of the lighting while taking pictures for a home-staging. People usually think that natural lighting is enough to carry a great outlook in final results, but it’s the artificial lighting that helps add more warmth to the whole setting. It also minimizes the changes of your interiors appearing too dark when compared to the outdoors.


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