5 Ideas For The Perfect Accent Walls In Your Interior Design

Trends come and trends go, but the idea of an accent wall is forever. There’s just something so inspiring about designing a ‘power wall’ that complements the rest of your interior designs and gives your interiors that extra oomph that sets them apart. So further, we’ll be sharing 5 ideas to design that perfect accent wall in your interior designs!


1. With light accents

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Sometimes, going understated can pack the most powerful punch. So if you want an accent wall that is impactful in design, but not overwhelming at all, then you simply have to go for the white exposed brick wall effect. It’s simple, stylish and definitely effective. Moreover, it looks even more amazing with a few lighting accents that can be accomplished with a set of track lights.


2. Wallpapers for the win

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Wallpapers are the perfect way to create a simple but visually pleasant accent wall with little to no effort at all. All you have to do is find the print you like – one that complements the overall style of your interior design – and find the perfect place to paste it on. Usually, the sofa back wall is a good place to start. But if you feel like that’s not it, then you can even go for lobby circulation space and dining area back walls as well.


3. Mirror walls

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Using feature-length mirror cladding is another excellent way to create a nice accent wall. It doesn’t take much effort and can even create the illusion of double the space that already exists. Furthermore, it has the illusory quality of reflecting back what’s right in front, so you’ll only have to put the effort in the design of one wall instead of two with this technique.


4. Use your media wall

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Typically, media walls are used to create a focal point for the living room interior design. However, you can use it in the capacity of an accent wall as well. The media come accent wall can emulate any style, and usually follows the running theme and color/material scheme that is being used in the rest of the design.


5. Gallery walls

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Gallery walls are a foolproof way to create an amazing accent wall for your HDB interior design. It’s asymmetric for the most part, which gives it an extra oomph because it keeps the eye moving. You can even showcase your best artwork and favorite photographs in such a fashion.


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