5 Ideas On How To Make Your Home A Minimalist Haven

Netflix’s latest release of ‘Cleaning With Marie Kondo’ has resulted in a total phenomenon all over the world. People are embracing the elegance and decluttered lifestyle that entails the minimalistic aesthetic far and wide now. There’s a huge interest that many people are showing in the simplicity and natural outlook of this style, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then here are 5 ideas on how to make your home a minimalist haven:


1. Get rid of the extra

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Being ‘extra’ is a total mood these days and many homeowners tend to go for it to make their homes feel more interesting. But if you’re embracing minimalism, then there’s no holding onto all the frou-frou. Choose a simple console, paint your accent walls white, get rid of that extra shelving, and just use the lightest textures that you can find in the market for the breeziest look.


2. Go for simplicity

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Inherent parts of the home interior – including doors, wall, in-built shelves, etc. – need to be designed in the simplest possible way for you to enjoy a clean look. The frames and surfaces on all these elements have to be free from all sorts of decorative patterns, grooves, and other elements so that they’ll feel as organic as possible in your minimalist home.


3. No elaborate decor

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While you can accessorize your minimalist home interior, you have to do so strategically. Once again, there’s no need to be extra or heavy handed with the décor. Choose pieces that are small and impactful – something that has panache and complements the surroundings without feeling very elaborate. Books, sitting poufs, and tiny planters are a great option to get started!


4. About shelving

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There’s no need to have overly large storage in your minimalist homes – the idea is to get rid of all that clutter from both your life and homes, so it’s better to have simple and compact open shelves along feature walls. You can either leave them empty or you can decorate them with a few simple accessories. However, do remember that the emptier they are, the more minimal your homes are going to look.


5. Pragmatic clutter

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The minimalist Society

Sometimes, we focus so much on the design aspect of our minimal homes that we tend to forget how to merge in the pragmatic parts. For example, you also need to make sure that all the plug-in sockets in your minimal home do not accommodate wire clutter, that the shelves inside cabinets are best for organization, and that elements such as media walls have no frou-frou stuff that is not minimalistic.


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