5 Important Details That You Should Never Overlook Your Home Design

Mies Van Der Rohe once said, “God is in the details.” Over the decades, this adage has become a snippet of infinite wisdom and truth in the interior design world, where paying attention to the details can make or break a design. So further, let’s take a look at 5 important details that you should never overlook in your interior designs.



1. Hardware

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Bolts and screws are one thing, but small, daily essential hardware like wardrobe handles, kitchen cabinet/drawer knobs and even door/window handles are a crucial aspect of any interior design. Not only do they complement the overall ambiance, but they also contribute towards the specifics of the interior design style that you’re using inside your home.




2. The importance of bedcovers

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One of the most important details that you need to consider for every bedroom interior design is your bedcovers. They may seem like the smallest thing in the grand scheme of your renovation, but imagine designing the most stylish bedroom only to have the garish, mismatched sheets on your bed to steal the thunder from the ambiance. So always go for understated elegance in your bed covers unless your ambiance calls for otherwise.




3. Cabinet laminate details

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Whether you’re thinking of redressing your kitchen cabinets, or restyling your living room accent shelf or even your study room cabinets, you always need to pay attention to the detailing of the laminates. Many times, designers use it as a tool to create a unique design that can become the focal point of your interior designs. They do so through patterns, mismatched surfaces and asymmetry by design.




4. Furniture scale

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Another ever-important detail that many people tend to overlook in their interior designs is the size and scale of the furniture. If your room is small, then the furniture needs to be small as well. You cannot simply squeeze in a queen size bed inside a tiny bedroom – however a cute little sofa-bed or platform would look absolutely stunning.




5. Essential accessorizing

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You absolutely need to decorate and accessorize your interior designs for your space to look like a human habitation. This humanization of your interior design can be carried out with the help of carefully selected light fixtures, mismatched knick-knacks, throw pillows and more.

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