5 Important HDB Design Guidelines You Must Know

The HDB authority is responsible for the leasing of public housing in Singapore. But do you know that they have some pretty stringent guidelines when it comes to designing interior renovations?

Of course, they do! Many people are not aware of these guidelines, which can lead to trouble in the future. So today we are going to feature 5 important HDB guidelines that everyone must know about and follow.



1. About Storage

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The HDB guideline about storage declare that you have to get an HDB approved permit when building a storage unit or rack that is not 3m high and 1.2m wide. You also have to get permission to design a storage unit or shelf that exceeds the allowable floor-weight ratio. You also have to make sure that all materials being used to make this unit are non-combustible.




2. About Ceiling

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Ceiling design guidelines are pretty much set in stone. They tell us that the clear height from the floor finish to the false ceiling must be 2.4m. They also say that the space between the ceiling and the false ceiling cannot be used for storage and that all the materials used in the false ceiling should be non-combustible. The ceiling fan cannot exceed the weight limit of 35kg.




3. About Doors

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For all residential settings, the HDB guidelines dictate that you do not need a permit to replace a door. But this only applies when you’re not enlarging the door portal. The guidelines also dictate that the minimum size of every exit door opening should be 850mm when opened. You will also need a permit to enlarge or close up an existing entrance.




4. About Windows

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The HDB guidelines for window design dictate that you need a permit if you want to enlarge or close up an existing window portal. You do not however, need an official a permit to replace the existing grills and awnings. You also do not need a permit to



5. About Walls

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The HDB guidelines about designing walls are pretty stringent. They dictate that you cannot dismantle any existing walls – loadbearing or not – without a permit. You also need to get an official permit to construct new internal walls. But you can dismantle the existing wall tiles and lay new ones without a permit.

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