5 Key Elements To Add Café Style To Your Home

The café style is a genre of contemporary interior design. The characteristics of a café vibe is it has a friendly atmosphere, some great food, a casual and friendly environment along with some specific design elements.

But how can you emulate this style in your homes? Yes, it’s a commercial interior design practice, but today we will provide you some clever hacks to use them in residential aspects!



1. The chalkboard effect

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One of the most instantaneous and effective ways to use the café style in your homes is by bringing in the chalkboard! Not only can you scribble your coffee cravings down on those board but also doodle your heart out as well. The chalkboard has become such an integral part of the coffee house aesthetic that your home would instantly embrace the café vibe without much preamble.




2. Lighting fixtures and furniture

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Lighting fixtures and furniture are a very important part of the café aesthetic. The lighting fixtures are different. They are contemporary with eye catching designs that throw of dim gold ambient lighting. In retrospect, the furniture is always understated and simple. It lets the other parts of the overall interior design stand out. So use furniture in soft, neutral tones whenever you’re designing the café style.




3. Dining spaces

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Dining areas are trendy and unique in a café style home interior. They’re casual and as far from rigid and formal as you can possibly get. So use chairs that are very trendy – the Eames Eiffel chair is a good option. Other than that, the dining table can be a little in-the-box and formal, but only slightly.



4. The kitchen design

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: DB Studio

The kitchen is always an integral part of a café style interior design. Since you cannot have the true commercial kitchen vibe in your residential kitchen, you should bring in a little bit of the café aesthetic materials in your home kitchen. You can use wooden laminates with a trendy look, some high-tech appliances that are on display. You can even put your espresso or coffee machine on display.




5. The ambiance

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The café style vibe is very warm and cozy. It is also extremely fashionable. So, to create the café style ambiance in your home, use warm materials, cozy furniture, and warm lighting that sets off the warm accents in your interior design.

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