5 Kinds Of Expenses You Can Incur During Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen is no small task – it constitutes a number of different aspects that can come together to make a huge dent in your account. From refurbishing the cabinets to going for the latest greatest countertop finish, you’ll find a lot of things that can upgrade your kitchen perfectly. So here’s a list of 5 kinds of expenses you can incur during your kitchen renovation!



1. Appliances

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These days, you’ll definitely find a number of state-of-the-art appliances for your kitchen renovation, and going for them can totally incur extra costs than what you might have estimated for your budget. However, this upgrade is definitely going to be more efficient in the long run – just remember not to stretch the limits of your bank account in the process.



2. Layout alterations

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Most kitchen renovations include an extensive layout touch up. This is because homeowners want to spruce up the overall visuals of their homes, and altering the kitchen layout can definitely help with that. The costs you may incur by changing the layout depend upon the extent of the change. If you’re tearing down walls to accommodate a breakfast bar or an open layout, then you must also factor in the cost of dismantling and refinishing.




3. Cabinetry & hardware

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Cabinets and hardware design can make up around 40% of your renovation budget. If you’re opting for an extensive restructuring to retrofit modern hardware into old cabinets, then it is obviously going to cost more as compared to just touching up and refinishing the cabinet faces. You’ll also face the question of choosing between prefab or customized cabinetry, and the choice depends totally on your needs and budget.



4. Stone countertops

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If there is one thing you should know, it’s that stone countertops are expensive. Add to the cost of installation, you’ll find that it is definitely going to incur a big of expenses from your overall renovation budget. However, these countertops are also extremely gorgeous, and with proper maintenance you can ensure that they last you a long time.



5. Overall labor

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Your kitchen is going to be the center of your home, so it’s always recommended that you opt for professional consultation and labor. A professional contractor may cost you a little, but they are also experts at providing the best finishes and craftsmanship. The overall cost of hiring one can make up around 18-20% of your overall renovation budget.

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