5 Kitchen Design Myths That Need To Be Debunked

It’s 2019 already and we’re at that point in time where the home design and construction industry has been through leaps and bounds of innovating. The way we experience spaces is never going to be the same and this is especially true for function based areas like the kitchen. Many people have their own two cents of offer in this category, but we’re here today to debunk some of the mainstream myths you’ll find on the internet:


1. The bigger, the better = False

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In a place like Singapore where property value is sky high and the space is already limited enough, giving around a quarter of your allotted space to the kitchen seems like a veritable nightmare, right? Well fortunately, ‘the bigger, the better’ is a total myth. The true value of your kitchen lies in the perfect balance of style and practicality. Even if the space is small, functionality makes it awesome.


2. Black and white is the best option = NO

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Honestly, the black and white colour scheme is a total classic, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress your kitchens in perfectly sophisticated and austere monochrome laminates for it to feel timeless. Truthfully, you can use any material that you like and it’ll feel like a total dream if you apply it right. Even herringbone subway tile backsplashes and wooden laminates have a gorgeous charm.


3. Start renovating and go with the flow – NOT

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Have you ever decided to personalize a classic recipe on the fly? Has it ever gone well for you? It doesn’t work for most people and kitchen remodeling follows suit in this vein. You can’t just decide to dismantle and start doing stuff randomly. It takes a lot of time and proper planning to come up with the right storage elements, the right appliances, and the right utensils for a good kitchen to come together.


4. Hiring a designer is a total waste – ABSOLUTELY no

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Many people feel iffy about hiring professional designers to get their homes renovated, but that feeling is doubled when it’s just the kitchen alone. How hard can it be? We can totally do it on our own! We’ve got the internet now! Most homeowners think like that. But really, if you do it alone, you’ll just be poking your head in the lions den. You have no idea how many technical details there are in even a standard kitchen design, so hiring a pro is your best bet!


5. Storage doesn’t really matter – seriously

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Interior Lab

When homeowners are working with small kitchens, they face the dilemma of adding more storage, which can elevate the overall cost. This makes it an unfavorable option, but if you try using a kitchen with no proper storage, you’ll gladly use the extra buck to make it worthwhile. It’s an important part – don’t miss out on it.


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