5 Kitchen Design Tips Straight From Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is an iconic name in the home décor and maintenance genre – a one woman show that never fails to impress. Kitchen is her most personal domain and as such, there are no stones left unturned at her website to lead homeowners to their very wisest and bestest choices. So, here are 5 kitchen design tips that can help you through that remodel straight from Martha Stewart herself:


1. A fresh coat of paint and fix anything

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While you’re out there looking at expensive laminates that you’ll need professional labor for installing on your cabinets, why not do a complete 360 and go for paint? It’s the one thing that can completely transform a space while respecting the budget. You can slave away over the paint samples until your find the colour of your dreams to dress your cabinets with.


2. Handy reach utensil reachers

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One thing that every kitchen needs – especially the small ones that are usually found in most Singaporean homes – is easy-reach hardware so that you can keep all of your utensils within easy reach during the cooking process. There are some great options at Excel Hardware that you can pick from. The idea is to enhance functionality and reduce clutter, so keep that in mind before making any final decisions.


3. Kitchens for growing families

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If you’ve recently moved into a home that’s quite constrained and barely suits your growing family needs, then you have to look for ways to accommodate yourself. One of the best ways to make the most of such spaces is having a dramatic kitchen make over. And the best way to do that is by adding transparency. Whether you do that through a glass wall, bifold doors, or something else entirely depends on your aesthetic.


4. Organizational cupboards

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Organization takes top priority in a kitchen remodel. You don’t want your salt and spices to be homeless. And you don’t want to mix your appliances/gadgets with the utensils. The best way to ensure ultimate compartmentalization is by keeping a checklist of open and closed cabinet spaces. Make a checklist of all your kitchen stuff and designate a shelf or cabinet for each space before locking down the final design.


5. Fixtures and furniture

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Lastly, the fixtures and furniture that you use in your kitchen and immediately adjoining areas – such as the dining room – carry a lot of weight in delivering the overall aesthetic. For example, the furniture in your breakfast nook or bar can set the tone for either modern or rustic. Even the handles on your kitchen cabinets can have a lot of impact on the overall visuals of the space.


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