5 little ways to upgrade your living room interior designs

Over the years, the living room has become the single most important public space in our homes, and its interior design has seen a lot of evolution. For the most part, we’ve locked down a conventional layout which fits in most homes, but once in a while, you need to spruce it up with some personal detailing to make it stand out. So here are 5 little ways you can upgrade your living room interior designs.


1. Custom partition walls

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In Singapore, home have definitely gotten smaller thanks to the shortage of real estate on the island. Therefore, open floor plans are the new norm, but you really need to individualize your living rooms in such a setting. Partition walls are a great way to do so, and there are a lot of customized choices that you can pick from. These include vertical mullions of wooden or stainless-steel variety, laser cut screens, and more.


2. Effective transparency

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A living room in an open floor plan needs to be designed in a way that has a solid separation, but at the same time, is visually connected to the rest of the home. The reason for this is to keep the space from looking too narrow and constrained. Glass walls with aluminum frames and bifold doors are two great options when you’re considering this upgrade.


3. Going minimal

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For those who are thinking about adopting a minimalist living room aesthetic, here are a few things you need to do: get rid of all the excess. There is no room for décor, accessories, or anything extra in a minimalist living room. Stark white walls and high-contrast furniture are the only things that you need. This kind of an upgrade is recommended for those who want to get rid of all the clutter in their homes.


4. Utilizing your media wall

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Another living room design upgrade that every homeowner needs to consider is: making the most of your media wall’s functionality. It’s not just there to act as a decorative element and hang the LCD on. It can also accommodate your surround system and all the speakers that come with it. It’s best to have it designed in a way that lets you boast your media paraphernalia.


5. Basic window treatments

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Basic window treatments can make a huge difference in the overall living room aesthetic – especially when it comes to large windows. While simple curtains are instant classics, you can also experiment with different kinds of blinds until you find the right treatment to suit your living room aesthetic.


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