5 Living Room Design Hacks Which You Must Truly Know

The living room is the central hub of your home. If your home were an airplane, the living room would be the cockpit. Similarly, it is the heart of your interior design as well. It is where you entertain, relax and feel at ease when you’re all alone. However, most people find it difficult to design a contemporary living area. That’s mostly because these days, living rooms are quite open ended. Therefore today, we’ll be bringing you five living room design tips straight from the professionals.



1. More than one connections

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If you live in a living room that features more than one visual connection, then you should opt for an L-shaped sofa set that faces the media wall. This way, the unnecessary visual connection can become a part of the backdrop and the living room can have an entirely closed off ambiance of its own. You can even make the sofa-set more of a focal point by using an centralized grand light fixture to top it off.



2. Always have a view

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Natural light is always a necessity when it comes to designing public zones of a residential interior design. Since people tend to spend most of their free time in the living room, you should always have a large window portal there to let in an abundance of natural light. It also has healing and purifying properties, so it’s best if you make your portal large.




3. Don’t ignore the back wall

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The sofa back wall is also a necessary part of the overall living room design. Without it, your ambiance can fall short and seem incomplete. However, you should always remember that this wall should not exceed in visual quality than the media wall. If it is more – or even on the same level of aesthetics – as the media wall, then your space can have overwhelming visual stimulation, which is not a good thing.



4. Relevant media wall

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The media wall design is supposed to be the visual hub of a living room. Therefore, it has to be designed according to the context and dimensions of the existing space. If your design is too simple when the space is too big, then it’s just as bad as designing an ornate accent wall in a tiny space.



5. The accent chair conundrum

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Diva’s Interior

The furniture essentials of an HDB living room include a sofa set, a media wall console and an area rug. However, most people tend to forget that the accent chair is also a quintessential part of that set-up. It fills up the empty space on the side and keeps the living room from looking incomplete.

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