5 Living Room Don’ts That Can Save You A Lot Of Time And Energy

If you ask anyone what room they believe to be the center of their home is, their answer is always going to be: the living room. Singaporeans entertain and relax in this space, spend quality time here with their family and loved ones, so it’s only right to avoid the basic design mistakes for its interior. Here’s a list of 5 living room don’ts that can save you a lot of time and energy:


1. Don’t: get your heart set on a specific element

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There are a lot of interesting design elements that attract people on the internet these days, but not all of them can look good within the context of your space. So, when you’re making your idea book and discussing things with your designer, it’s best to avoid letting your heart set on just one specific design detail. Try to focus on the whole. That’s how your spaces can end up being totally successful.


2. Don’t: select the colour scheme first

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You might think that choosing the colour scheme may be one of the first things to do while locking your living room designs, but it’s actually not. In fact, it’s the theme or concept that you should be locking down from the beginning. Choosing a random colour palette can make your whole home aesthetic visually upset. But if you follow a theme, choosing the colour can be a total breeze.


3. Don’t: be too elaborate with your media walls

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The media wall may be the very center of your living room aesthetic, but if it’s one thing that you must definitely avoid, it’s making it too ornamental. The best way to design one is by keeping the height and sill within the visual angle of your eye. Too much (and even too little) designing can seem disconcerting and unsavory.


4. Don’t: be too abrupt with the layout

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Singaporean homes tend to feature open-floor concepts, and for the most part they make the most of the space successfully. However, the trick to carrying out a great one is to ensure that the change from one space to the other is seamless. It’s best to have a transitioning or common design element that can help your eyes make a visual connection between the living room and the next space.


5. Don’t: be too stingy with your area rugs

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Lastly, during the décor process of your living room, try and avoid being to stingy with your area rug. This doesn’t mean that you should spend thousands of dollars on a hand-knotted concoction. It means that you should be generous with the size of your rug. Make sure that it complements and covers the overall size of your space even if its an inexpensive by stylish nylon or flatweave.


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