5 Living Room Taples Every Home Needs

No matter what part in the world you live in, having a living room in the center of your home is always a given. Not only a family convening space, it’s also where you entertain and spend some alone time when the mood fits. Therefore, its décor matters a lot. So, here are 5 living room staples you should always invest in for optimal comfort and relaxation:


1. Potential for more seating

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Having a single L-sectional is all well and good, until you get visited by a large amount of guests or have planned a party at your home. When this happens, your seating is automatically going to fall short. To keep this from happening, make sure that there is always a certain amount of left-over space in your homes where you can arrange for extra sitting when the time calls for it.


2. Mood lighting

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Just because the living room is a very public space does not mean that you can take the romance out of it. Mood lighting is an excellent way to elevate the ambiance of your space, and one of the best ways to do that is by having some statement light fixtures that can be switched on when everything else is off. You can place them in strategic spots to get just enough light to get in a relaxing mood.


3. Proper shelving

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One thing that you must always have in your living room is: an adequate amount of storage space. You don’t understand the absolute need for it until you realize the amount of clutter lying about the space. You can go for feature-length shelves attached to your media wall, or even have some statement cabinetry added to the space to achieve this!


4. Utilizing views

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A good amount of Singaporean homes have an attached balcony or a terrace with their living rooms. It’s usually separated by a feature glass window-come-sliding door, and there is always opportunity to make the most of this aspect. You can utilize the views to the fullest by going for a nice terrace placement or more while going for feature windows.


5. Media consoles

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If you do not want to have a full-fledged media wall, then simply going for a console is an absolute necessity. There are a lot of choices that you can opt for, but you have to match them to the theme of your home. Also ensure that the piece you choose can befit the media paraphernalia that you have (i.e. wires, surround sound systems, etc.).


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