5 Must-Haves For Traditional Interior Design Styles

Traditional interiors are a whole other kind of beast. They require a careful balance and proportion, otherwise they tend to look weird and disproportionate. They are also rich in ornamentation, which is why they should always have a fine unity in the interior design. These ornamentation are what defines the essence of the traditional style. These may include wall ornamentation, fixtures and accessories. If any of these is missing, the entire interior would fall short and seem incomplete. So let's check out the 5 must-haves for a traditional interior design styles.


1. Sconce Lights

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Icon Interior Design

Sconces hung up on the wall used to be one of the greatest traditional aesthetics in the past. Even today, the magic of this interior design ornamentation still remains. Even in neo-classical interiors, the sconce light aesthetic can be added by using modern light fixtures. If you look at this image, you will instantly notice the wall-mount light fixtures above the bed. They are designed like sconces and lend a credibility to the traditional vibe of this interior design.


2. Metalwork grills

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Icon Interior Design

Contemporary interiors have replaced this particular design trope with laser cut perforated screens, but back in the day, it used to be metalwork grills. These grills have an old-world charm that can be imbued in modern interiors by still using them. This image shows an interior that has made use of the metalwork grill albeit in a modern way. However, it still manages to capture that nostalgic charm of the setting.


3. Classical order columns

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The classical style consisted of three orders of columns, the simplest of which was known as the Doric order. You can always incorporate these in your space as a design element to imitate that traditional vibe. The interior design in this image has used these columns in the design to emulate the classic traditional style. The media wall looks like something out of an ancient Greek dream.


4. Wall beading

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Traditionally known as wainscoting, this design element was used to ornament simple wall designs. Even today, it is used to do just that, but has a modernized name: wall beading. Wall beading is a much more modernized version of wainscoting but has a similar impact. If you look at this image, you will see how it can emulate that traditional vibe with a sleeker, more modernized aesthetic.


5.Furniture set

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Furniture is one of the main aspects that define the ambiance and aesthetic of an interior. Traditional furniture is different than modern furniture. So when you’re trying to emulate this particular style, make sure the furniture is a fine balance of contemporary and traditional. This image shows a perfect articulation of the traditional-by-furniture concept.

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