5 must-haves for an industrial style décor

If you’re thinking of using an industrial chic look in your home interiors then there are a few characteristic décor styles that you must absolutely check out. Without either one of these, your industrial ambiance can come off as incomplete or lacking. Want to know what they actually are? Let’s take a look below to find out:


1. Exposed brick wall

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No industrial style look is ever complete without the exposed brick wall. It may be used in a feature or accent capacity, but you can also use it in moderation as long as it is complemented by the dark, edgy, and machine-age inspired concrete textures. You can even add some extra glamor into this look by using track lights to create accent spots on the rough brick texture.


2. Cogs, casters, or clocks

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Exposed machinery is another trademark industrial style décor. You can emulate it in your homes in the form of skeleton clocks, large caster wheels, and cog-style accessories. All of these objects help evoke a very steampunk look which is what makes the industrial style stands out even more. You can use these elements as centrepieces and focal points.


3. Herringbone partitions

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The use of wood and cheeky herringbone patterns is also something that suits the industrial style aesthetic very well. You can get creative with its implementation, though. Instead of opting for typical herringbone wood textured floors, you can go for partitions of a similar kind. They don’t have to be large, or even a major part of the home interior – you can simply relegate them to the periphery of the space as well.


4. Exposed piping

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Exposed piping is another signature industrial style décor element, but these days it comes with a twist. Instead of the conventional large asbestos or steel pipes peeking out from the ceiling and walls, designers are using sleeker choices. They are opting for gilded pipes that are already a part of stylish fixtures so achieve a similar look, but with a lot more panache.


5. Barn doors

Interior DesignHome Renovation  Image Source: ARTrend Design

Barn doors are another essential industrial style accessory that can take your home aesthetic to a whole new level. You don’t have to design actual doors in this style; you can simply use it in decorative capacity as sliding shelf doors, etc.


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