5 Must-Haves In A Cutting Edge Kitchen

Kitchen design is always getting a nice upgrade with the constant innovation in technology. The contemporary kitchen is a space that is being designed with the most cutting edge technology and gadgets that are making life easier. We now have smart kitchens with automated machines, water conserving sinks and neatly organized nooks and crannies. A combination of these aspects will give you with a highly efficient and functional masterpiece that will be easy to use and perfect to look at. Well, let’s look at these 5 highly recommended features you should definitely have in your cutting edge kitchen.


1. Soft glide drawers


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Icon Interior Design

No matter how big or small, conservative or upscale, drawers are always a must have in all kitchen designs. They are an important feature, not only for storage, but for organization too. Without drawers and cabinets, the entire blueprint of the kitchen design is be shaken. So designers have invented soft-glide drawers that can slide out with the barest of effort. Now you wouldn’t have to put much effort in dragging a single drawer piece out by the handle. Just gently tug the corner and it will simply slide out – easy and efficient.



2. Optimized corners


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Icon Interior Design

A few years ago, the basic kitchen cabinet design structure used to be set in stone. The cabinet design could vary individually, but the inside always used to be the same. The corner cabinets always used to have those negative spaces that no one knew how to tackle. But today, we have high-end organization techniques that have finally made these nooks useable. This image shows a nice slide-out solution to your negative cabinet space woes.



3. In-built appliances

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Who needs a giant microwave stuck in a corner of the counter acting like a giant eye-sore? Or an oven that will totally distort the overall style of your kitchen? Today we have in-built kitchen appliances that have revolutionized the kitchen interior design. These are all built into their own niches – on top of each other – and do not hinder the aesthetic visually or functionally.


4. One touch cooktops

Gas powered oven ranges and cooktops are a thing of the past. These days we have simple touch cooktops that are not only easy to use, but also quite pleasing to the eye. They can be installed right on the kitchen island and do not emit smoke or any other negative inhalant.


5. Eat-in bars


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Icon Interior Design

Any contemporary kitchen will be incomplete without a breakfast bar. No one will waste extra space on a dining table set when you can just have an inherent fixture that will complement the interior of your kitchen. Eat-in bars are a top rated trend and will remain in style for quite a while.

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