5 Must-Know Facts Before You Start Painting Your Homes

Painting your homes is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make a huge impact on the overall interior design, and here are 5 must-know facts before you venture on such a project:


1. Quality over quantity

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The number one rule that you can never break when revamping your homes with paint is skimping on the quality of the materials. You must find paint that provides a respectable warranty against defects. It may be a bit expensive, but think of it as a long-term investment for maintaining the great aesthetic of your home for as long as possible. At least there won’t be any unsavoury cracks and flakes for a while.


2. Observing the right preparations

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Not many homeowners are aware of this fact, but paint only adheres to walls that are smooth. This means that if it is applied to a surface that is peeling or has flakes or cracks, you’ll be dealing with a huge mess. This is why you must always observe your contractor carefully during the whole process. Make sure that he gets the surface as sleek as possible before applying the first coat.


3. Your ideal temperature

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Here’s another thing about painting homes that not every homeowner knows: it needs to be carried out at an ideal temperature. If you do it when its either too hot, humid, rainy, or dusty, you’ll end up with semi-disastrous results. The ideal temperature lies approximately between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s better if the ambient condition is as dry and temperate as possible.


4. Educate yourself in painting techniques

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At the end of the day you can only get the best results if you know what you’re looking at. So, even though it’s the contractor that’s actually carrying out your paint-job, it’s only going to help you keep a better eye to educate yourself in the general painting techniques, the number of coats needed, etc. to be a keen observer.


5. Clad for contrast

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While painting your walls is an easy and affordable way to get things done, you also need to have some contrast for you space to look interesting. While that can easily be done by selecting a secondary or tertiary paint colour, cladding a small part of the wall in a totally different material seems like a much more interesting option.


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