5 must-know facts about Scandinavian Style interior design

Modernity with a warm touch is what the Scandinavian style is all about, and Singaporeans are going crazy for it. It’s a truly refreshing interior design style that is trendy, relaxing and brimming with positivity at the same time. Its clean lines and simple ambience always convey a warm, welcoming touch. So today we’ve compiled 5 must-know facts about the Scandinavian style that everyone should know about.


1. Emulating nature

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The Scandinavian style is big on incorporating natural textures and materials. This is why you’ll see a lot of wood in the furniture and spaces designed in the Norwegian image. However, wood is not the extent of the material palate for this style. You can also incorporate stone, burlap and warm-hued paint colors to get similar results.


2. The white and wood combo

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One of the reasons that the Scandinavian style ambience is so relaxing is because it always features a white and wood scheme. The backdrop is always articulated in plain, simple whites while the foreground is always done is beautiful wooden textures. The combination of both creates a soft, relaxing and all-natural ambience that never fails to relax the mind.


3. Focusing on the practicality

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One of the reasons that the Scandinavian style has gained so much traction in the design world is because it always uses functionality and practicality as a design element. Yet at the same time, it doesn’t come off as utilitarian. The décor and accessorizing of a home interior featuring the Scandinavian style is always highly practical without being too boring or over-designed.


 4. Spaciousness

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Scandinavian style interior designs are also incredibly spacious. This is in part because there are always large window portals that let in lots of natural light. The designing is also very minimal, which ensures that there is very little visual clutter in such interiors. As a result, the overall space ends up looking very spacious and organized.


5. Comfortable modernism

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At its heart, the Scandinavian style draws inspiration from the clean, crispness of the modern look. However, it overlays all of that with an inherent warmth that is all its own. This is how you get the best of both worlds in the form of the Scandinavian style.


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