5 old-school living room design ideas that have become classics

We’re always looking for new and improved ideas to better accommodate our contemporary lives, but there is a reason that old is gold. The living room is the center of your home. It’s the hub of all family activities and entertainment, so it’s always better to go with things that you know can work for anyone when it comes to its layout and renovation. So today, we’ll be taking a look at 5 old-school living room ideas that have become classics!


1. The parallel couch-media wall layout

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For all Singaporean homes that are on the smaller side, this living room layout works best. It’s absolutely minimal and allows you to make the best of your space. The media wall design is always simple, and the single couch is just enough to harmonize with its looks. Not only does it help preserve the integrity of the space, but this layout also helps you be adaptable at times.


 2. The open floor living room layout

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If you’ve got an extensively open floor layout for your home interiors, then you need to demarcate invisible boundaries that set your living rooms apart. This can be done either with the help of close-ended furniture, or by altering the style of the living room design a little to set it apart from the rest of the stuff in your home.


 3. The larger open-style living room

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If you’ve got a larger home with an open floor layout, then there are already going to be impressive circulation spaces between all your furniture. In such cases, you can go for larger living room furniture for maximum impact. Sectionals and chesterfields are a good option. You can also opt for charismatic media walls for maximum effect.


 4. Medium sized living room layouts

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If your living room is neither large nor small, but simply medium sized, then you need to be quite careful about the kind of furniture you choose. A single plush couch with a small coffee table is going to be just enough. The media wall must also be quite simple in design. But most of all, you’ll need to balance out your light and dark color schemes to maintain the integrity of your living room space.


 5. Centralized living room

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If you’ve got a living room that is open-ended on both sides, then you’ll need to mark the invisible boundaries of this space. It can be best done with the help of an adequately sized area rug that demarcated the boundaries of your living room and contrasts the furniture upholstery at the same time.


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