5 Paint Colours That Make A Small Space Feel Bigger

If you own small space, in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other room, you can always pull out a trick to make it appear massive. The best trick to start is with the colours of your walls.

Though white is the most obvious choice in this scenario, it is not the sole option available to you. From bold, bright, and dark to light, pastel shades, there is plenty of paint colours to choose for your small space.


1. Navy Blue

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Dark colours camouflage the fact that a room or area is small. A deep navy blue creates the perception of space and depth in the room.

Rooms that have little natural light, painting walls in a deep navy blue shade makes your space feel stately and dramatic. If you choose the navy colour for your room, it also keeps large-sized furniture like sofas in the same hue, while blurring the lines between the room’s edges and making it feel bigger that it is.

Navy blue is a great choice for rooms with cabinetry like libraries and kitchens.


2. Blush Pink

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The soft shade of blush pink paint not only brightens up your small room. In fact, it can make your space feel cheery, bigger, and full of light. It looks amazing at sunset hour.

Top of that, blush pink shade works best in the west-facing rooms with natural light. It complements the interior of the room with light warm neutral tones, such as ivory, beige, and sand. You can consider painting your ceiling in the same hue to achieve an enveloping feel.


3. Cool Gray

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If you want to avoid white shades, try a great alternative, that is, a light cool grey shade. This cool shade adds freshness and brightness to your small space without adding the starkness of pure white paint colour.

Cool shades feel brighter, fresher than warm paint colours. That’s why cool grey visually creates the appearance of a larger space. Use this colour in the room that enjoys a moderate amount of natural light to give your room a cosy but expansive feel.


4. Light Taupe

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt & Relax Interior

If the small room you are considering to paint has no architectural details, painting the walls in the light taupe shade can do the magic. Those who don’t want to go entirely white, but still seek a light neutral shade for their space, this lovely shade makes your space feel larger and elegant.

Light taupe or greige is a rich tone that can make any small space appear expansive. When you choose this colour, you can keep other furniture white in the room to give the space an airy and light feel.


5. Sun-Kissed Yellow

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt n Relax

Yellow can be a great choice when it comes to making a punchy wall statement while making your small space look bigger.

This shade works best in quiet spaces like a bedroom and bathroom.

These shades carry a lot of weight and value when painted on walls. Choose your favourite colours from these and make your small room appear bigger and revived.


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