5 Perfectly Grey Additions To Your Scandinavian Style Home Interiors

The Scandinavian style may be authentically all light woods, bright whites, and natural light, but who says you cannot introduce a little bit of grey in the mix to spice things ups. It’s definitely a colour that embraces the right side of neutrality and is able to add some stunning contrast to the whole setting. Here are 5 perfectly grey additions you can add to your Scandinavian style home interiors:


1. Focus on the floor

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Tiles are a great way to add some grey contrast to your Scandinavian style home interiors, but if you’re not the kind who appreciates contemporary sleekness in such places, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. You can go for ash wood textured floor coverings – be it tile or vinyl – and even introduce some patterns in the mix to make things interesting.


2. Side accessories

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If you do not want your mainstream Scandinavian style furniture to be grey, then going for side accessories in this hue is a good way to introduce some contrast. It can be in the form of an area rug, a bean bag, an ottoman, or even a wingback chair. These accent pieces can complement the main furniture and ambiance really well with their starkness and individuality.


3. Mainstream furniture upholstery

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Alternately, if you want your main furniture pieces to be the grey contrast in your Scandinavian style ambiance, you’ll need to get a little creative. Try to stay away from conventionalities. You can use unique fabrics in the sofa upholstery to make things interesting. A wooden throw on the side can be used to spice things up. You can even use upholstered grey coffee tables as complementary accent pieces.


4. A grey wall

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Since the Scandinavian style is popular for its bright airiness, you cannot use dark and gloomy shades of grey like charcoal and slate. Instead, use soft dove, silver, or cloud grey. The lightness of these colours translates really well on feature walls – especially when you apply them in a textured or concrete sceed format.


5. Dining chairs

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While sofas and coffee tables are key furniture pieces, you can also use the dining chairs in the mix to create a complementary formation. By pairing it up with wooden dining tables and legs, you’ll get an extremely elegant end result.


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